Italy is the country that boasts one of the oldest traditions regarding craftsmanship. Italian craftsmanship means giving great value to manual work, linked to personal creativity, to a great passion and to a high technical and artistic know-how. The Italian artisan perfumes are not simple fragrances, but a real conglomeration of history, tradition and passion that explodes in the creativity and enthusiasm of artisans that express their knowledge in creating unique and unmatchable scents of the highest quality. The basic philosophy that distinguishes artisan and niche perfumes is far from the aggressive and standardized style of commercial perfumery. These are fragrances conceived and made by noses and fragrance designers that pursue the impalpable inspiration of a dream, of a story, of a literary or musical intuition and seek to achieve it through the combinatorial art of . This desire is to conceive a perfume, that enhances the personality of the wearer, similar to a liquid jewel. An artisan perfume needs a cozy, intimate place with experienced staff where the senses can find an experience open to listening to the complexity of composition. An artisan perfume has a meaning similar to a piece of art and we have the honor to present you some of these masterpieces.

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