Flowered, fresh spicy, gourmand

The first female artist of the Italian Baroque period signs a fragrance with strong chiaroscuri.

Artimitia is an “olfactory canvas” of contrasting chords, which range from sparkling floral notes to a purely gourmand background.

Artemisia Gentileschi, an eclectic and talented artist, has been forced to struggle in a century of male privilege, a rebellious heroine with a proud character. She displayed her proud femininity and her sensitive soul in her choice of themes and in the most hidden details that can be seen in her paintings.

This is an exploration in the creative artistic female dimension.

The brush strokes in her paintings talk about the intensity of  her life.

It is this exceptional depth of character that gives complexity and richness to the fragrance that pays homage to her.

Artimitia is a bouquet of essences with a very high concentration, Extrait de Parfum 28%, that switches on among floral and fruity notes and continues in a warm heart with hints of gourmand.

Fresh ginger and mandarin, ginger and orange blossom, vanilla, caramelised sugar and candied ginger are combined with woody notes, white musk and amber.

The absolute star of this fragrance is the very precious champaca flower, fruity and spicy, with a typical mottling that plays on orange tones.

The colour cannot be secondary for this new, unique olfactory portrait from Onyrico.

The cap of Artimitia’s bottle is made from green onyx with orange veins. It recalls the colours of the famous self-portrait.

Nose: Maurizio Cerizza


Heart notes: Orange Flower, Champaca, Ginger Flowers, Candy Sugar
Base notes: Candy Ginger, Amber, Vanilla, White Musk, Woody Notes
Head notes: Fresh Ginger, Tangerine

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