Dante Alighieri, the greatest Italian poet, author of the “Divina Commedia”, one of the masterpieces of world literature, described symbolically, with the image of the White Rose of Paradise, the manifestation of the sublime metaphysical vision.

Mystical flower, feminine symbol of purity and absolute beauty, incarnation of virtuous love that is able to transcend the limits of the human intellect, the white rose is the fresh and clean heart of Empireo, the Onyrico’s fragrance dedicated to Dante’s poem.

Empireo is a transparent, ozonic, romantic perfume, which fades in the inebriating and sumptuous amber tones and in the penetrating aroma of jasmine sambac.

It is an ode to the classic beauty and virtues embodied by Beatrice, Dante’s muse and symbol of Grace and Truth.

Incense, myrrh and lavender emit purity notes that pay homage to a royal femininity, unattainable. Precious scents, which change on a rich base of aromatic cedarwood and tonka bean.

The bottle is secured by a very precious cap in Rose Onyx marble. Its natural stripings evoke the clouds during the sunset.

Main Notes

Heart notes: Heliotrope, WhiteRose, Sambac Jasmine
Base notes: Sandal Wood, Cedar Wood, Vanilla, Benzoin Resin, Fava Tonka, Amber
Head notes: Bergamot, Incense, Myrrh, Lavander

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